De La Fé is a collection of wearable souvenirs inspired by travel, intended for travel. Every blouse and dress is a culmination of the designer’s adventures around the world. The silhouettes are made to be worn near beaches, or on beaches, and pair particularly well with bare feet. The fabrics -- cotton and linen, crinkled silks -- are chosen for the graceful way they wrinkle. Each piece is designed to be pulled out of a carry-on (or stuffed into one on a moment’s notice).


De La Fé is designed in New York, made in Peru. The collections are kept small, no more than 20 pieces at a time, which allows for a continued investment in craftsmanship and high quality fabrics. The hope is that customers who fall in love with a De La Fé blouse or dress will cherish it for years to come.


Vanessa Barrantes, De La Fé’s designer, is a Peruvian-born New Yorker with roots in Miami. Her two great loves in life are sketching and exploring -- enter: De La Fé. The name means “of the faith” in Spanish, which has become something of a touchstone for the brand: have faith, pack light, carry a map, and the rest will follow.


International Chic with a Latin American Touch.